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Spain, the land of enchanted castles and exciting festivals. Renowned for superb food, excellent wines and ancient cultures.  A land of beautiful cities surrounded by magnificent countryside, sleepy villages unhurried by modern life. Exciting, and colourful as the music of this enchanted land.

Destinations in Spain 

Costa Dorado, Blanca                                           Popular for the white sand beaches and spectacular coastline. This perfect climate provides all day sunshine and warm breezes; a perfect holiday.

Costa Del Sol                                                         This region offers numerous beautiful beaches, festivals, celebrations and the famous flamenco dance Explore picturesque streets and the  exciting nightlife.

Catalonia, Costa Brava                                           Rocky coasts,  high Sierras lush valleys historic cities and tiny fishing villages, old farmhouses, vineyards, orchards and wild forests. A region of endless variety.

Cantabria Catalonia                                                 Surrounded by Mountain, hills and rugged landscapes, a region of breathtaking coastal views.  This is a land of dancing and fiestas. Explore cobbled streets and village houses adorned with flowers.

Andalusia                                                               Superb beaches and vibrant, smart nightlife An area of elegant towns, picturesque villages nestling in the mountains of Andalusia.

Marbella, Mijas Roquetas                                       The coastline here has wonderful golden beaches and rocky headlands  surrounded by a turquoise ocean. Historic towns and villages line the coastline.

Tours of Spain

La Mancha

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