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Venice Harbour

Italy, there is so much to enjoy. History art, architecture, beautiful countryside, coastline, lakes, mountains and islands. Holidays offered in these pages provide superior comfort and quality. Many have extensive spa and leisure facilities.

Destinations in Italy

Venice, Florence Verona                                     Three great cities of the Renaissance, a new enlightenment; Leonardo Da Vinci and Michael Angelo. Culture, architecture, elegance, sophistication, exciting places to discover.

Tuscany & Umbria                                                   A landscape of vineyards and hilltop hamlets.  Great cities where history is captured in a masterpiece of marble, canvas & stone.

Amalfi Coast & Ravello                             Spectacular views at every corner offer breathtaking panorama of sea and sky. Escape from the busy world and enjoy great food and wine, and the beauty of this unforgettable coastline.

Sorrento & Amalfi Coast                                         A coastline of breathtaking beauty great sightseeing and fine hotels offering great local cuisine in this popular region of Italy.

The Italian Lakes                                                 Nestled on the slopes of the Alps, the Lakes enjoy a Mediterranean climate and spectacular mountain scenery. Explore the beautiful villas and gardens along the lake shores.

Enchanted Isle of Capri                                       One of the most magical places in the Mediterranean. Only 6 miles long, it rises from the Bay of Naples to the peak of Mote Solaro over 2,000 feet above the sea.

Tours of Italy

Pisa Tower
Florence Palace
Venice Gondolier

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